Sunday, 23 October 2011

Photoshop Skin How to!

As promised! A tutorial on how to get "perfect" skin on photoshop! 

Here's the original picture, as you can see I have freckles and a spot on my chin :(

Step 1: Make a couple of duplicates of the image and select the top layer.

Step 2: Go to filter "blur" and then "Gaussian Blur"...

You need to get the image blurry like this ^. There should be a slider to change the blur ^_^

Step 3: You need to create a layer mask. That's the little symbol in the red circle. Then with the layer mask selected (that little black box... it should be white) you need to invert it. Hold Ctrl and I and the box will turn black. The photo won't be blurry any more.

Step 4: Make sure your brush is around 10-20 opacity and the hardness is all the way down.

Then paint over the skin, the more layers you paint with the brush the more the blur will show. This will make the skin look quite plastic. You can stop there, but if you want it to look realistic there's a few more simple steps. 

Step 5: Drag a duplicate layer over the one you've just been working on.

You need to emboss it. That's in filter / Stylize ...

Then go to filter "smart sharpen" and make the image look grainy. Your photo will be grey so you need to bring the colour back...

Step 6: Change the little banner on the layers to "soft light", this will bring the colour back. But your face will look grainy...

Step 7: Layer mask again, and hold Ctrl and I to invert it. 

Step 8: Paint over the skin gently with your brush tool again around opacity 10-20. The plastic look on the skin will fade, and be replaced by fake pours. This makes the image look more realistic, and natural.

There you have it! Perfect looking skin! You need to merge the layers / flatten image, and then you can add make-up, to darken your eye-liner and so on ^_^


  1. nice and simple. i like it :)

  2. Waw Terry!!! Where did you learn that?

  3. Hmm Mystery Dan.... I do believe you taught me it XD