Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tattooed ladies

I adore tattoos, I think they are absolutely beautiful. They tell a story, even if they don't have a meaning or a purpose. I'm tattooed, and plan on being as tattooed as this sexy lady above ^_^

I plan on getting a chest piece next. I've got the design, it just needs some tweaking. Its of a human heart with a star in the centre, it has feathers on either side and some stars. I want it all in red and black ^_^ 

I love pictures of tattooed women. I think they're really sexy on the ladies! I know a few people who hate tattoos, and think they're only for sailors or something haha. I on the other hand think that tattoos are for anyone. 

I want to train as a tattooist because my life pretty much revolves around them these days. I'm always trolling the web for designs and pictures and ideas. I'm always drawing them too ^_^

Around this area there aren't many tattooists. Finding an apprenticeship is hard. I plan to learn to pierce too, because if I can pierce I'm more likely to get a tattooing apprenticeship because I can bring money into the studio that way ^_^

One of my favourite quotes is "Some people hang their art, I wear mine." This quote has stuck with me. I hope that one day I'll have many tattoos, each one with its own story and meaning. I currently have 6 tattoos!

As well as my chest piece I plan to get a dog tattoo, I have a cat on my left forearm (bellow), and want a matching dog on the other. I miss my dog Tess very much, so that will be for her, as my cat tattoo is for the kitty cats I've unluckily lost! 


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