Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Taxidermy and skeletons

Taxidermy... So many people this is gross and creepy, but is that a bad thing? I think not! I think its the creepness that makes it so amazing. I've had quite a lot of cats, and always wanted to get them "stuffed" when they died.

Some pieces can be really cute, like this dog. I'm not a fan of chiwawa dogs, but I find this little guy adorable! 

Taxidermy doesn't have to be all about stuffing animals, and gluing glass eyes on them. It can create amazing art. These jewellery pieces for example... They're so dark and beautiful! I would wear them! I have a thing for tiny skulls. So delicate and intricate!

This picture shows spheres created from tiny mouse skulls. Its amazing! Id want one as a lampshade! I doubt my boyfriend would be happy though. He isn't a fan of taxidermy and doesn't want me to get any pieces, which genuinely makes me sad! I love quirky, weird and strange. It makes the world a bit more interesting!

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