Saturday, 11 February 2012

Car accident

I was recently in car accident :(
Was going around a pretty nasty corner, the road was frosty, and the back of my car slid out.
The car spun around, I hit a bank, then flipped three times and landed on the roof. 
I'm OK, very sore. Couple of fractures :(

My poor car :(
(That pink thing is a laundry tub)

R.I.P Kuthulu, you were a fantastic car


  1. That was not a pretty sight! But I’m glad that you are okay. What happened could be frightening you up to this day. Accidents like this can really cause physical and emotional damage to victims. And the damage to properties is an added stress. Just be careful next time, and check the road and weather condition before going out. Hope that you can replace “Kuthulu” soon.

    [Maggie Malone]

  2. Accidents come unnoticed, that’s why we should exert care whenever driving or even in the simple things that we do. By the looks of your car, it’s already a blessing that you sustained only a couple of fractures. How are you now?

    -Ronna Erb

  3. Thank goodness you were not badly injured! Though, I feel for your loss. Were there any police within the vicinity when this happened? Did you have insurance for this kind of accident? It seems like the front of your car was hit hard. If you had insurance, you would have the chance to claim your rights from the insurance company to get your car fixed, and have you checked at a hospital.

    Collin Deck

  4. It’s pretty messed up. I’m sorry that it happened to your car. Though you weren’t badly hurt, it is still likely that you didn’t realize you were injured at that time. That is why you can make a case for your claims up to three years after the accident happened. Did you call the insurance company right after?

    Cristy Witherspoon